nintedo rip off

not happy i bought my wife a nintendo xl with a game £203.00 and guess what the adapter is not included its £23.99 extra argaaaaaaa.

ridiculous the shop assistant should have pointed it out to you.

go and have a good old complain

carole x

same happened to us just aswell i looked on back of box we managed to get one from argos at 5.99 it has 4 different chargers in one

Thanks for your replys, im going to write to nintendo about this my first thought was buying this for a child for xmas and then xmas morning when they are all excited opening presents and oh you cant use it it doesnt have a charger!!! bl…dy con…

That is just a rip off, a charger is the most basic item you expect to find with anything like this.

I would make a very polite but forceful fuss about this, about how upset your wife was ect…

Obviously taken over from the old ‘batteries not included’

I’m well tuned into this kind of thing by now, it happens all the time with children’s toys, you buy an accessary for an action man or a barbie and the box shows the action man or barbie beside the accessary but all you get is the accessary and not the action man or barbie. Very deceptive especially when buying for a child who will be disappointed when they don’t get all that is shown on the box. But, I digress, and I agree that that would have been very disappointing if you had given this to a child. Cheryl:-)

just a thought tho! if it did have a charger included i probably wouldent be able to open it anyway it seems everything we buy now you need a chainsaw to remove the packaging…

Hi my Ds Had the charger included or am l having a ms day is it the same as mine. Jan