Nifedipine capsules

Hi everyone, be very grateful if anyone has any advice! Ive been diagnosed with Raynauds syndrome & prescribed Nifedipine 10 mg capsules ,twice a day. Probobly only a small dose but ive been told of some horrible side affects, is anyone taking them & if so are you fine? Taking that many pills just worried about feeling worse. Any advice much apprieciated Tracey x


Many of us have Raynaurds - lt is one of the symptoms of MS. Even on a hot day - l have freezing cold hands - usually fingers go white and dead looking. l often go out in summer clothes but with gloves on - especially on my scooter.

l have never actually said anything about it to my GP - well l very rarely go. The meds you mention - are used mainly for angina - so might have side-effects. Will you need regular blood-tests to check on liver function. lt is a worry if you are on several meds - knowing what works with what.

l do keep off prescribed meds - as l do find they have adverse effects on me. But l do take many supplements.

lt sounds like a small dose to begin with - so the best of luck. For me its back to my gloves - and in the winter l have those handwarmers - although they only last about 30mins before they need re-setting.

Thank you , think they were concerned in clinic cos my hands & feet were very blueish, told them they are always like that !!! Do get pain though & like you, winter is a nightmare!! Tracey xx

Nifedipine? Been taking them for about 17 years (pre- and post- heart bypass).
No side effects that I have noticed.


Thanks again Geoff!!! will start them see how I go! Tracey x


i have tried them, didnt like them cos they dilate everything! i looked like a tomato and face felt like on fire-yuk!

now i just to keep extremities warm-easier said than done!

hope they work for you.