Ni MS Centre

Is it true that the MS centre in Ni closing down. Shocked as great resource

I Belfast one on Annadale

As far as I know it’s only closed temporarily due to Coronavirus.

ours is closed due to covid 19.

i go to the one near Manchester, England.

we go there for Hyper Barric Oxygen Therapy which requires using a mask.

should imagine it would be nigh on impossible to erase all traces of bacteria/virus’


Most clinics of this type are closed temporarily.

Even the assessments for my Simvastatin trial are done over the phone instead of the usual all day clinic appointment.

Thank you.

We had a fabulous neuro centre here in Huddersfield West Yorkshire, it had everything, I went there when first diagnosed, they closed it down and bull dozed it for housing about 5yrs ago, all the staff had to either go to local centres, or home visit, nothing was the same again…still no houses there, what a waste.

Jean x