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I haven’t posted for a while, just trying to get on with things. Getting really frustrated with NHS. Before receiving MS diagnosis was able to have scans on BUPA if symptoms worsened. Now for some reason I fail to understand since diagnosis in August I can no longer have BUPA treatment and must use NHS. Had scan on 28 March and appointment scheduled with Consultant on 3rd April. A wasre of time as he didn’t have results of scan. I’m still chasing but he still hasn’t received them. I’ve had some worrying worsening in my symptoms since 3 April (loss of bowel control and painful almost continuous spasms in my feet) so I’m very keen to receive the results.

How long does it normally take to get results of MRI on NHS it was next day with BUPA.

Sorry if I sound a bit whingy but my feet are killing me at the moment. Really worried about bowel thing as happened whilst on lunchtime walk with colleagues where didn’t quite make it to ladies in time but I rushed off so don’t think they noticed. Very worried if this is going to become a regular symptom.

Ok whinge over, signing off now.

Hello BonBon

Was your BUPA plan just for diagnosis? That is sometimes the case - so once diagnosed, they no longer treat you?

Annoying, but common. The problem with NHS MRI scans is that they have to be reported on by the radiologist before being available for the neurologist. Very irritating!

So, does the NHS Consultant have to re-diagnose you before you can get any treatment? You might have been able to get copies of the scans you had under BUPA, then you would have them to show your NHS consultant.

Meanwhile, treatment for symptoms doesn’t usually require a formal diagnosis. For bowel problems, you could be referred (or I think self refer) to your local bowel and bladder service. Loss of bowel control would be caused by MS, but it’s treatment would be the same regardless of cause.

And spasms are a symptom for which you could get medication to help without MRI scans. Was the neurologist that useless that he couldn’t suggest treatments for your symptoms outwith the MRI scan results?

I obviously understand that you can’t get DMDs (disease modifying drugs) without a clear diagnosis of RRMS, but symptom management is something different.

Perhaps you could see your GP, explain the problems and ask for a) referral to the bowel and bladder service, and b) a prescription for a drug to help with spasms, eg Baclofen initially, to see if that works without causing too much muscle weakness.


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Continuing saga of NHS treatment. Been chasing for weeks (scan on 28/3/19). Each time rang - told they’re emailing radiology depot to ask for scan. Finally got hold of Consultant’s secretary, back from hols last Thursday 30/5 - so over two months since scan- to be told yes they have got results, letter sent to GP (not CC to me as usually do -so very ominous) and that Consultant wants to see me. But he’s on holiday until next week. Wonder if she would have bothered getting in touch with me if I hadn’t badgered. Still didn’t make an appointment as need to check calendar. Managed to get a copy of letter from GP. Not good (as I thought) more lesions detected on Brain and Spine. Wants to see me to discuss DMT. Letter to GP dictated over two weeks ago. Why couldn’t they have arranged a meeting by now. I’m worried and frustrated. My feet are killing me again.

I had a pet scan in November 2016, I am still waiting for a letter lol I don’t think she liked it when I was diagnosed by another hospital even they they are the same hospital different site.


I just had an MRI April 24th, and had an appointment through to see a specialist on the 11th of this month. The reply came back after 2 weeks. I think it’s solely due to how effective the admin staff are in the department. So I wouldn’t hold breath on a response. I’m also in the Swansea area so again it could be regional too.