NHS treatment after living abroad


I am returning to the UK in the summer having spent the last 3 years in Dubai. I was diagnosed with MS in 2017 and currently take Aubagio 14mg. I would like to know whether I will be able to get a prescription for this medicine via a GP or if it is only available from a Neurologist at a hospital. Also whether I can only get it from a hospital pharmacy. I will bring my medical records since my diagnosis back to the UK and would assume that a GP or neurologist would not need to perform further tests to confirm my diagnosis.



So long as you retain entitlement to NHS treatment, it shouldn’t be a problem getting Aubagio in the U.K.

Aubagio is one of the first line disease modifying drugs (DMDs) so the prescription won’t be a problem.

I would imagine you first register with a GP (giving them a copy of your medical records paperwork) and get a referral to a neurologist thereafter.

Only a neurologist can prescribe DMDs, so while they might want to independently verify your diagnosis with MRI etc, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get set up in the UK.

I’d make sure you’ve got an adequate supply of Aubagio to keep you going until you get up and running here.

(Btw, bring a jumper, scarf and gloves - you’re going to be cold!)

Oh, and welcome to the forum.


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