NHS Praised

On it’s 70th birthday the great NHS is today praised as one of Britain’s greatest treasures by a man who has, nor any member of his family, never ever used, or will use it, bit of a kid on, was the statement written for him by someone who actually has used, and seen first hand the dedication and excellence of the understaffed overworked underfunded doctors and nurses, it would have ment a lot more if it came from someone who really meant, and knew, the service, not a news reader hanger on, Brian

Have you forgotten HRH worked as an air ambulance pilot thus saw everything first hand and also donated his wages back to the service?

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I worked in the NHS for 12 years and can’t express strongly enough what a fantastic organisation it is.

Having worked in it and one who uses it regularly I can’t praise it enough.

Thank You All Who Work in The NHS. I for one am grateful for all you do.

Shazzie xxx


I think the NHS is bloody brilliant (apart from jactacs crappy clinic).

I’ve never had any complaints or problems with my NHS treatment.

I still think we have the best health service in the world.




i too worked in nhs for 11 years. from what i can see they are doing their best in changing times/needs/demands on them.

basic responsibilty for self would help alot but folk dont want to hear re diet/smoking etc etc and just expect to be fixed when the body goes wrong…

theres some fantastic staff out there but they are struggling to cope with demand and stupid targets-it really saddens me.


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