NHS doctor advice!

Spoke to a locum GP the other day and her advice to me about getting in to see a urologist was, I could go private. What? I asked her if she could give me the £175 needed. She laughed. Then she asked if I had thought about trying cannabis. I asked if she would prescribe it…again she laughed. Just what do you do with that load of claptrap?

I t s s o r e w h e n i t o u c h i t

D o n t t o u c h t h e n

I w i s h i c o u l d s a y t h a t i m a d e t h a t u p b u t …

E l

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Don’t hesitate - report the locum to the practice manager or else that same Doctor will be dishing out further rubbish advice. Then see someone else and get referred. In most surgeries they can test for UTI’s etc.

Thanks for your reply. My referal went in after being messed about and delayed… everyone passing the buck as to why it was delayed. It finally went in as urgent… appointment date 7th December!!!
Then it was cancelled and when asked why, they said the consultant is on call that day, so clinic is cancelled. No f.u.rt.her appointment forth coming as yet.
I got the Community Matron and my OT to chase it up… nobody can do anything!

God help us all if that’s the response from a GP.

Ask a different one at your local surgery to refer you or could you ask the local bladder nurse to refer you and bypass the gp all together.

Pam. X


I appreciate!