Next Steps - what would you do?

Hi Everyone,

Just to set the scene : I’m a 35 yr old , male , & have had paresthesia in my legs since 2014, & developed Lhermitte’s sign in September 2021 - The Lhermitte’s prompted me to eventually get MRI scans on my brain and spine - this was November , my bloods were also taken with NMO and ADEN being ruled out , the neuro told me we’d review again in 6 months

Fast forward to May 2022 and I’ve had repeat scans - and my mri report says I am stable , and the neuro says my lesions have reduced (though that’s not actually written on the radiology report! ) , and this actually correlates with my Lhermitte’s reducing in noticeability

I feel good generally , I’m running 4 times a week , I’m drinking lots of water , I’m eating fish, taking vit D and omega 3 , and getting vitamin B12 injections monthly - the neuro has said we will review again in 1 year and given how I feel the temptation is to trust his opinion, however should I get a second opinion?

Does my outlook seem good?

Hi I am still waiting to see somebody about what could be the matter with me and have not been told I have MS.

I am older 57 but mainly very well.

If I was in your shoes I would trust his opinion and enjoy the year.

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