Newly diagnosed - worsening/changing symptoms

Hello, I’m new to the group and would appreciate any advice regarding worsening/changing symptoms. I started to experience tingling in my fingers & toes in March, this quickly worsened to include numbness in both legs from the knee down along with problems walking. The symptoms worsened very quickly and I was admitted to Hospital on 3rd May in pain and unable to walk and with urine retention, Whilst in hospital I had an MRI on spine and brain which both showed lesions and I was told I had MS. I also had a lumbar puncture and am awaiting the results. I have an appointment with the neurologist on 18th June. I have been home from hospital for 2 weeks and my mobility has improved so I’m now walking unaided. However the other symptoms have remained and I now have what I believe is MS Hug around my rib cage and ankles. This is constant with intensity fluctuating. I now have numbness in my inner thighs and very slightly in the saddle area. Is it usual for symptoms to change like this or should they be improving? I’m reluctant to call my GP as I know it will be a battle to get an appointment before my scheduled appointment with Neurologist. Thanks in advance for any help.