Newly diagnosed (relapse questions)

I hope you are all well ? Was wondering if anyone could offer me any advice ? I was officially diagnosed with Relapsing and Re-intermitting MS in March 2021. When I first started with symptoms in September, I was admitted into hospital with bad speech and stroke symptoms ? Was on the stroke unit for 2 weeks. Was given iv steroids for 4 days and my speech and symptoms disappeared.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I suffer with extreme migraines where I’m light sensitive, I vomit and can’t walk. I was given a nosal spray from the hospital to administer when a migraine is in progress. 3 weeks ago I had a massive migraine and all of my symptoms hit massively !! Took the spray and woke up the next morning with distorted speech, called the MS nurses and they said its nothing to do with my MS ? Suggested I phoned my doctor. Phoned the doctor explaining what happened he thinks Laryngitis ? It’s been 3 weeks now I’ve still hardly any speech ? This happens everytime I have a migraine :weary:
Does this happen to anyone else ? Extremely grateful for any advice.


Hi Gemma,

welcome to the forum (im newish here), i also have RRMS since 2007 but symptoms started in 2006. I sometimes have slurpy speech but i think its part of this MS, but funnily enough i do get small headaches out of the blue. My eye sometimes starts the ball rolling by giving little twinges. When i feel my eye doing this i wear an eye patch with a bit of tissue paper underneathe that forces my eye to close. After an hour or 2 wearing the eye patch my eye feels abit more better. Not sure if that made sense but it works, stopping a headache in its tracks. Never had a migraine so dont know what its like. Soz if its not helpful.