Newly diagnosed and new symptoms?

I’ve been diagnosed for a week and don’t know if I’m having a flare or not and what to do. I’m got strange sensation in my back and pain and altering feeling in my right leg. I don’t know if I should be doing something or not

Becksox, other than the obvious I can tell you how my wife got diagnosed. She was in the shower one morning getting ready to go to work. She has a striking pain in her left shoulder but she got ready and went to work. By noon she could not perform her duties as an airline sales agent. She had her supervisor advise the manager. She asked to be released to go to the hospital. He said no, and if she didn’t finish the day she would receive no pay for the day. (This was in the US and that is not how things are done!) So she set at her desk and they routed calls around her. When I got there to pick her up, two ladies were helping her walk toward the car. When I saw this, I jumped out and ran to her and immediately took her to the hospital ER/ED. They immediately did two important things. First they ran an MRI, which was positive and the next day they performed a lumbar puncture. Both were positive but then high ranking neuro said no she did not have MS, it was too early. There were other opinions but one resident told us she did have MS. Not having a neuro who specialized in MS, she was assigned to a neuro who specialized in epilepsy. That continued for a few years with various Chemical treatments. On her last case (3 total) of optic neuritis, her opthamologists called her regular doctor and chewed him out - oh the exuberance of youth. The next time she saw her regular doctor, he chewed us out and escorted us out of his practice. She was then sent to the neurology department and was seen by NP, which is a nurse with minimal medical training but more than a normal registered nurse. (They are becoming popular in the US due to a shortage of doctors.) From there it went down hill. My anger and detailed notes, got the Neuro Attending (Head) doctor reassigned to a non intervention position. The resident went elsewhere, and her life started down hill. The crux of this story, is to fight for yourself,you are your own best witness. Get another opinion if you do not accept the first one, and a third one and so on until you believe your doctor does not have your best interest at heart.

Go luck on your journey and may blessings come your way. Jim

PS - I am writing on this site because I believe it is the best regarding MS support. There is nothing like in the US. Please excuse another Yank for slipping in!