Hi all

Very nervous about coming on here as it makes it all seem a bit more real. I am pre-diagnosis.

I had a really bad inner ear infection last year and developed numbness in my face which I put down to the infection. After several months GP persuaded me to go for MRI (brain). This came back unremarkable except for a patch which radiologist suggested may be a lesion.

I still have facial numbness and I suppose if I admit to it pins and kneedles in feet and lower legs although I think if you focus in on your body it is easy to detect things that may be aren’t there. I also have low vit D.

I went to neuro appointment last week and she offered lumbar punc and further tests but said they may not be conclusive at this stage but to go back in 6 months for a review. I was fully expecting to go to neuro appointment and be told the lesion was just age and I could forget about it.

I have two glorious children and a job which is very physical which I love.

Not sure what to think. Would love to forget about it but every time I feel a few pins and needles I start wondering and worrying. Will need to figure out a way to put this back in the box. Any ideas for coping strategies?

hi eliz

hmmm… i don’t think putting it back in the box will help as you will be forever wondering and worrying.

so go for your review in 6 months but until then enjoy your glorious children (what a lovely way to describe them).

you sound like a very positive person, keep it up.

carole x

Hi Eliz

If you have low vitamin D, I assume you’re now taking supplements. These could sort out the symptoms you have and then you can tidy it away in a box.

Meanwhile plan on going to the 6 month check up just for peace of mind.


Thank you. Great advice xx