Originally saw consultant July when he said MS

Spent hours pouring over computer looking at everything worked out it was PPMS but only got the confirmation today when back at the hospital

Have posted on the other options on the forum but thought i should wait for confimation till i join you folks .

I’m 55 just spent 33 years in prison (don’t panic i was a prison Officer) about to look forward to retirement when this came along

No worries will still do what we planned but might take a lot more planning, hope i can come along and ask questions and you will kindly send answers.

For me this is day one and i plan many more,any helpful tips and suggestions will be welcome

As “Fletcher” said dont let the b******s grind you down

Good moning,

Welcome, i was diagnosed 3 years ago and ppms was confimed 12 months ago, i have had symptoms since i was 20.

Anyway enough about me, planning for holidays and or day trips is good as it makes the holiday/day out much easier.

What meds are you taking? Any aches or pains that you suffer with and you may a bit confused as to wether the aches and pains are ms related this site is the place to come and ask the question.

As a rule there is a lot of people on this site with a lot of experience of dealing with the problems that are thrown up by the ms monster so don’t be scared of asking no matter how trivial it my seem.

Take care


Hi Mark I’m on Gabapentin from the GP Have a MS nurse coming within next 2weeks to sort out course of treatment

Hi Cardo, welcome to our PPMS world.

We are an elite little group but all have loads of experience and good advice!

You did make me laugh with your 33 years in prison!!!

(Don’t know why this suddenly went into italics… what did I do!!!)

Come and ask us anything, or have a good rant or a good laugh!

Hope you’re dealing with your dx ok. Remember, PPMS like all types of MS is different for everyone. Progresses at different rates, has different symptoms, sometimes even stops progressing or slows down.

I’m 59, was dx nearly 5 years ago… and no, not letting the b******s get me down!

Pat x

Thanks for that Pat Will keep in touch Tony

Hi, it’s sad when another member joins our group but we are thegang a bit mad sometimes (actually I’m a bit mad all the time) I find it helps Take care M

Thanks for the warning :slight_smile:

hi cardo

i was dx 2yr ago 38yr

a lot of getting used to,maybe you have to rearrange some plans,these can be dealt with

always help on site for advice or just good moan

best wishes


Thanks for that Steve



Another Prison officer, I managed 20yrs before I was wheeled out.