Hello All,

Saw my GP earlier this year mainly with balance issues so they referred to Neurology.

Saw the Neurologist who after, a chat and a few tests during the face to face, sent me for a MRI, results of which showed lesions and he thought it was MS so he referred me for a contrast MRI, Lumber Puncture and to a MS specialist consultant.

Had the tests and, while waiting for the final confirmation, I joined this forum to get an idea of where things can go as I had very little knowledge of MS but have found both this site and the forum a great help.

Saw the consultant on Friday who confirmed that I have PPMS so I have now joined the club.

Obviously I am on a steep learning curve at the moment but I hope that in the future I will be able to spread some of my knowledge and experience on to others

All the best.


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Welcome to the club. I know it’s the kind no one wants to be a member of, but we do at least try to support each other and empathise.

MS does give you a very steep learning curve. Try to stick to well established sites for information about MS. The MS Society has a load of info on this site as does the MS Trust.

And if you have specific questions, thoughts, just need someone to sound off at, then there’s always us.

Don’t expect to ‘come to terms’ with, or ‘accept’ your diagnosis overnight. It takes time, fury, irritation, upset and many many other emotions before eventually just managing to give it houseroom within your life.


Hello Ssssue,

Thanks for the reply.

Already looking at those two sites as my source of information and found one of the leaflets really helpful for giving to people when I told them.

I had a provisional diagnosis a few months ago so although not fully come to terms with it, it is a lot easier telling people and having a bit of pre knowledge when approaching work.



The good news is that you found this Forum. The contributors have a lot of experience with all facets of MS.

Collectively they have a huge fund of knowledge which they are only too happy to share. So whatever you need to know someone here will have the answer. I’m sure that your experience will be appreciated.

Welcome to the Forum.


Welcome MS2017. Fay