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Hi All

I am new to the Forum and MS. I have seen a neurologist and he suspected MS. I had a brain (CT) scan and a LP. I received a letter from the consultant on Saturday saying ‘my brain scan was normal and the LP showed subtle signs of inflammation, but nothing of great concern’. I seem to have lots of MS symptoms and cannot drive, cook and many other thing are diffficult. The consultant letter seems to suggest that it is not MS, but I am not sure. Several sites suggest keeping a diary, so I have done so and included it here. I would be intereset to know what people with experience think of my symptoms, please excuse the bits in brackets - they are reference points for me. I am worried as I cannot give up work, I have 3 children, 1 in Austrailia, 1 at uni and 1 at home, all of whom need financial support. My husband is currently doing a lot for me including driving me to work, but this places a lot of restictions on him (including work).

Thank you in anticipation of you support.


Symptom Timeline

2012 – Washing hair, strange buzzing sensation around ribs when bending neck.

July – Numbness in fingers (thought due to elbow injury).


Feb – Dublin, tripping, not lifting right foot properly.

May – Gap in vision (left eye?) greyed out patch, about a week.

July – Tightness in ribs on left side, spread all around into a

tight band. Numbness spread to tummy then around

torso, down legs, arms, hands.

Decided it was time to see a doctor.

Aug- Leg weakness, especially right knee (difficulty

walking In Cornwall). Muscles tightening, started in fingers on left hand, spread to hand/ arm.

Loss of strength/ dexterity in both hands. Strange electrical pulsing through hands.

Ham stings tightening, legs stiff, bouncy. Numbness spread until almost completely numb from upper chest down. Whole rib cage tight.

Saw Doctor – refered to neourologist.

Sept – weakness in legs increasing. Could barely walk more than 10 paces (Chester 23rd)

30th – Neuro app. Steroids 500mg for 1 week. No horrible side effects, bit wired, giggly. Pains in legs/joints when stopped taking – only lasted 2 days.

Oct – Increasing feeling, beginning in feet and spreading up legs. Muscle tightness easing.

Cough - lasted a week or so, awake all night- 3 days off work.

Nov – Continuing improvement, gaining strength and feeling.

5th CT Scan LP. (Horrible headache- 4 days off work).

Most feeling back except hands and arms. Much stronger (16th Chester, walked for 2 hours, very little fatigue, legs strong). Barely noticing band around chest. Hands stronger, but still numb. 18th able to hold pen and write for a short time.

23rd Results back – CT normal, LP subtle signs of inflammation? Said need app. to discuss.

20th -24th Seems to be getting worse again, weaker in legs, wrists, can feel band around chest again, hands feeling number, left hand tightening. Numbness above knees.

*Strange – at work -1 diagnosis of ADEM. 1 of Guillain-Barré syndrome. 1 of complex migraine

  • me. All similar symptoms. All in the last 3 months.

Hi Catherine,

Just wanted to say I really relate to some of your symptoms (I’m undiagnosed but docs are being quite open about thinking it’s MS) - and very much the numbness (even in the same places, spreading at similar times - mine started in July) and band around chest, though I can still drive (I never could cook lol). I’m also pretty worried about work as I’m supposed to be leaving my (currently very stressful) job and starting a new one soon, with virtually no sick pay etc., and need the pay too, so it’s a bit of a leap of faith and am really relying on recovering to the extent that I won’t need time off (which might be silly)…

So yes, am with you on the work front and sending good vibes - I hope things improve for you,


Sorry, also wanted to mention that I find my symptoms seem to flare up when I’m particularly stressed at work - don’t know if that rings true for you? - so am going to get some mindfulness based cognitive therapy… If you find the same it might be worth looking into - you can find courses near you here:


Although I can’t say what you have obviously, I am surprised you had a CT rather than an MRI. My CT scan was clear but my MRI showed lesions. I would have thought you need an MRI if nothing else to rule out MS. Your symptoms could be MS but they could be other things too. I assume you had full blood tests done? I have every sympathy about the work thing though as I have been off for 3 months so far and I have to have an assessment by an external company now.