New to this and feel helpless

Hello, I am completely new to this and not sure where to start. My husband is going though MS diagnosis. He is in a lot of pain and all we seem to be doing is waiting around for someone to help. The Gp can’t answer any of his worries and we don’t see the consultant until August. Until I saw this website we felt completely alone. His symptoms are changing all the time from numbness, to intense pain, to feeling really confused, fatigue and the new thing that is completely terrifying us both! He wakes up a couple of times a night screaming in pain he says it feels like electric vaults from his back shooting around his body his whole body tenses and goes into spasms, he feels completely drained afterwards and the pain in his body intensifies after after one of these attacks, it’s horrible to see him going through this. Is this normal and can it be treated/controlled in the long term?

Hi Betsy,
Sorry your husband and you are having such a tough time. You should not be dealing with this level of stuff on your own. Illness is one thing but your husband should not need to cope with significant pain. Your GP must help. It is not easy but do not be afraid to make a fuss / jump up and down. Make it easier for them to help you out than to ignore you. You may need to hassle the practice manager or hint that their lack of support would make a bad news story. I doubt you will be able to get faster access to the neurologist, but your GP will have easier access to MS nurses or support services. It can be difficult to make a fuss but sometimes it is the only way. If you have access to an “awkward” family member or friend ask them to support you. Wishing you both all the best.Mick

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I just want to second Mick. Whether your husband has MS or not, your GP shouldn’t be standing around ignoring his pain. There are non-addictive medications that can be used for pain and spasms, and the GP should be prescribing these.

Has your husband tried sleeping somewhere else? A comfortable armchair with footstool? A different bed with a firmer or softer mattress? Have you tried rubbing his back or using hot/cold ointments? I’ve never had to deal with what you’re describing, but I have fewer issues with my back and legs when I use a heating pad for at least 2 hours a day and then sleep with a hot water bottle.

With any luck, this is “just” a relapse and will go away shortly. But please contact your GP and make a nuisance of yourself if you have to. There’s no way he should be dealing with all of this without medication.

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Thank you for your advice we will try those things. I am chasing the Gp so will see how that goes :blush:

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