New to the site


Im venere and have been getting symptoms for all of this year on and off, my GP gave me this website and has ref me to a neurologist, he mentioned MS to me and told me to research it, I thought i would introduce myself to the forum, there seems to be a great support network on this site which is very reasuring.

Hi Venere and welcome to the world of limboland. There is a great support network here with some laughter along the way. I am sure some more knowledgeable members will be along to welcome you as well. Do not be afraid to ask any questions as somebody is bound to know the answer or know someone who can help. I know I have been helped and supported here.


welcome x

Hi and welcome X

Thank you, I know I’ve got a long way to go before I even know if I have ms,can I ask anyone ive started to stutter my husband commented about it today, is this a sign? Thank you