New to the forum

Hi all,
I hope you don’t mind me posting here.
I’m 51 married with 3 children 34, 30 and 26…plus 2 grandsons 7 and 18 months… and they cost an absolute fortune.
I was diagnosed with Finromyalgia and chronic fatigue almost 3 years ago. Since may this year have been off work with a severe flare up. After seeing my GP for the umpteenth time she has referred me to a Neurologist as I have been displaying symptoms not associated with FM.
Very painful tingling in hands and feet. Always worse when I get in bed and start warming up…arghhhh
weakness in left leg now happening in right leg as well.
Overwhelming fatigue, it’s as though someone flicks a switch and bang the energy goes.
Really bad headaches and face pain etc…
I’ve had various symptoms at given points over several years…numbness, burning in skin etc…it took me several years to get the FM diagnosis, I have never been referred for any scans whatsoever to find out what may be causing this.
I have been following your forum for a couple of months and found some of the posts very helpful and informative. As I feel that my symptoms are more MS like than FM
I must say i’m really nervous about going back to the neuro as my first experience with one was not good…he was so arrogatant I felt like a complete idiot…and I know I’m not alone there. :lol: :lol:

thanks for reading…
take care