New to site

Hello, my names Issy and I’m new to the site.

ive been dx for twelve years and am now secondary, I’m living on lincolnshire and I’m looking to connect with people the same as me also living in Lincolnshire for support etc.

i look forward to hearing from you x

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Hi Issy. Welcome to this fantastic site.

I hae secondary and was diagnosed in 2005. I have been a member of this site since then and have made some wonderful people who I now call my friends. I wouldn’t have been able to get through this without them. I know that you will find help, support and lots of laughter too. We share jokes lots and laugh a lot.

I don’t live in Lincolnshire I am afraid. I live in Bristol. I am sure you will get lots of replies.

Look forward to chatting with you.

Shazzie xx


I too am Secondary progressive having gone straight to that diagnosis in 2006.

Nice to meet you, but I’m not in or near Lincs.


Hello Issy

Welcome to this great site.

I’m primary progressive and was diagnosed last year. Like Shazzie says, you will find plenty of support on here.

We chat about all sorts, from holidays, diet, keep fit…not me you name it and we chat about it.

I live in Bridlington on the east coast. My daughter lives in Lincoln though and I visit her quite frequently, so you never know, we may meet one day. Do you ever visit Lincoln cathedral? beautiful place.

Look forward to chatting more

Hi Issy

Im RRMS, dx just over 2.5 years but new to this site also. Im in South Yorkshire so not too far away. It looks like a very friendly supportive board, Im sure we will both be very happy here!

Jane x

Hi Issy, welcome! I’m now SPMS, having moved on from RRMS a few years ago. Afraid I’m nowhere near Lincs but I’m sure you’ll find some that are, this is a great place to chat to others who know exactly what you’re feeling, you’ll get loads of support & information

Rosina x

Hi Issy - welcome to the site. I was diagnosed benign MS 20 years ago. I feel that I am now SP as My condition has deteriorated so much . I have walking, balance, and fatigue issues, use a rollator indoors and scooter outdoors. I am seeing a neuro for re-assessment Nov 21 after asking my GP to arrange this for over a year.

I live near Bourne in Lincolnshire - anywhere near you?

Jackie xx

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Hi Issy and welcome

I’m RRMS and was diagnosed 5 years ago, completely out of the blue. I live on the North Norfolk coast so I’m not all that far from you. I do pop across the border now and then for a day out.

This is a great place to chat with people who understand the vagaries of MS. Sometimes we just gossip about TV, or reminisce about the ‘good old days’, have a moan, rant etc. We even share a joke or two. I find it invaluable when I’m having a tough time and need to talk.

Look forward to chatting to you in the future.

Tracey x

Hello Jackie,

thanks for your reply … I don’t think Bourne is a massive distance away, I hope your assessment goes well.

i was dx with rrms a long while ago, suffer massive fatigue, dizziness, mobility issues, bladder probs, dizziness the list goes on n on lol. I’m interested to know more about benign Ms as I know very little about it. How does it differ from rrms etc. hope your as well as u can be.


Thanks for the warm welcome. Hope ur as well as u can be x

Thank you all for the warm welcome. I look forward to chatting etc.

Hi Issy, welcome to the site. I was diagnoided in May with progressive. I live in dublin and this site has been a godsend.

ann x

Hi Issy,

Welcome to our jolly band,you’ll find everyone friendly and helpful, unfortunately I don’t live anywhere near you but I too have secondary.



Hi Issy - I had an ‘attack’ in May 94 - felt like I was walking on gravel whole time, numbness in left arm and hand, kind of spasm in back, legs from knees down ‘funny feeling’. Lasted a fortnight and just wanted to curl up on floor - even in a cold corridor at work. Went to GP and got neuro appt. then it just disappeared and went back to normal except left hand. In Nov had MRI and lumbar puncture and diagnosed benign MS.

Nothing much then then just very gradual slowing down and fatigue until about 10 years ago - then much more progressive and now have major difficulty with balance walking etc. GP says nothing can be done and just live with it - no real help from him -

so now awaiting this appt. and just getting on with life as best I can.

jackie x