New to possible MS


Tried to do this and it all deleted so here we go again basically had MRI in May due to having pins and needles in legs and feet and also very tight feeling round my body which comes and goes when i do housework , walk etc … my knees feel massive but they are not and legs get tired easy.

Had a MRI done in May and consultant advised me that i have had this going on since January which is true and that this can last upto a year… The MRi shows two parts spine with inflammation and a lession or two on the brain . He has diagnosed me with CIS possibly MS however he was going to do anothe MRI in Aug but does not feel the need to do a LP … However if same symptoms are with me when i go back he wont do second MRI until they subsidIts the not knowing trying to continue working and doing normal life things…

Dont know about anyone else sometimes feel a fraud as no oe else can see the signs apart from me walking funny at times…

Anyway after reading some posts on here i feel lucky just now as really uncomfortable but no pain apart from when they gave me a 5 day course of steroids that made me worse …

Thanks for reading and sorry for complaining but just dont now how to deal with this every day :slight_smile:


Hello from me and never say sorry for how you are feeling.

We are a cyber army of help and support on good days and bad.

The worst part of ms is the invisible symptoms and we all understand that so rant away.

Limboland is a very hard place to be and those two little letters (ms) seem to follow you around and weedle their way into all your thoughts.

I am afraid there is alot of wait and see with ms,so it is just a case of trying to get on with life as best you can.

I would advise you start keeping a diary of symptoms so you know when things start and stop,as it does help the neuro identify seperate relapses which is a requirement in diagnosis.

I hope what you find on this forum can help you through your journey.


Hi Mandy, and welcome.

I am new on here myself, just over a week, but I have had symptoms for 18 years. I have a post on here titled do I want a diagnosis, this gives a brief history of my symtoms, very similar to yours and many other people on here. I used the word fraud in something I wrote on here because I know there are people on here much worse than me but I now know this is wrong, no one on here will think you are a fraud, I am sure you much rather not be here at all, like the rest of us! So please put these thoughts to one side and ask / say anything you like, no one will judge you, just offer help and reassurance. And complain away, we all do it from time to time.

A lot of people on here suggest making a diary of your synptoms, I stated one yesterday and I might post it at the end of the week, it is just so difficult to explain the symptoms but you will be surprised at how many people understand and have had the same thing.

So, to finish, welcome and good luck with what ever happens.

Thank you …I will start a diary

I have the Nurologist in mid August. And i can take that to show him.

I had a hysterectomy in Dec and all symptoms ran into my recovery so at first i was uunasure if what i had was normal.

The nurologist thinks that the Demeyelation was caused by the after effects of the surgery …However he may do another MRI in August fingers crossed as this Limbo land is not a good place for anyone…Secret tears and upset the not knowing i suppose whats ahead of you.

Again thank you for your words of encouragement


Hi Mandy and welcome

Don’t ever worry about being a fraud - yes, some people might be worse affected than you, but you are still dealing with things that no one would ever choose. And it’s hard, especially in the beginning!

Some relapses can take a while to improve, so try and be patient. If you find that you’re stuck with these symptoms (or if they become difficult to live with), then there are meds that can help you deal with them. Don’t wait for help to be offered - speak to your GP or to your neuro (via his secretary). The right meds can make the world of difference!

Invisible symptoms can be the bane of an MSer’s life, especially as they can be almost impossible to describe :frowning: At least you can be sure that the people on here understand.

Karen x