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New to MS 2021

Hello everyone, my name Is Helen, I’m 70, single and a mother to two wonderful boys. I am also a grandmother. I am just starting my journey with MS from October 2021 and currently going through my first relapse. I would love to chat and get to know people going through the same thing.

Hi there! Welcome to the gang!

So were you only diagnosed last October? Had you bee waiting a long time for this?

I am 69, mum and grandma. It took 22 years to get my diagnosis of rare spinal PPMS.

Look forward to chatting more.
Love Boudsxx

Hi Bouds,

No. l had been having problems with my balance, mobility, falls and having dizzy spells on and off for months. It was the beginning of this year when l had been exercising on my stationary bike, the next morning l had numbness and pins and needles in my feet. After a few months of trying to see a doctor l was suddenly rushed to hospital in October with a suspected stroke (half my face dropped and numb face).

So after loads of tests the doctor came and told me not a stroke (thank god) but ms. l was relieved shocked and very scared in equal measures but l had an answer. As yet l am untreated so this relapse has hit hard with double vision and a numb mouth. l have had steroids but has not helped much. My nurse said it can take a long time to recover so shall take each day as it comes as it will get better and l have a lovely sister who ringa every day to keep me motivated and happy.

Will chat soon.
Love Helen x

Hi Helen. Thanks for your reply.

It is quite rare to get an MS diagnosis in later life, but not impossible…as you and I know!

If yyour type is RRMS, then there could well be some DMD to help. Many people find them wonderful.

But the only thing for PPMS is Ocrevus, but not for me. I’ve had it too long.
It’s good to know about your lovely sis.