New to me unsure where to go from here

Hi everyone, my first post here. I recently visited my GP with trigeminal neuralgia and numbness in my right arm. Since then i have been having lots of odd symptoms the worst being the severe cramps in my arms and legs where i just cannot shift the pain with naproxen or co codamol. I also get a bad burning pins and needles sensation in my legs and feet where i cant walk. Long story short my GP has sent a letter to neurology enquiring on whether I need referred or not, and with being in northern Ireland its an extremely long waiting list. Im just wondering on where to go from here, im only 27 and have two young kids who now are not having the same interaction from me as they should i try my best and with the pain and tiredness i just cannot interact sometimes. I contacted a private hospital in belfast and they said for a Brain and spine MRI would cost between 800 to £1000, is this what I should be expecting to pay? This is all a lot to take in and hard to explain to others without feeling like a hypochondriac

Sorry you are faced with all this anxiety.
£800-1000 for an MRI sounds incredibly high to me. I looked into paying for a private brain MRI once to speed things up, and it was about £250 (brain, without use of “contrast” dye, with radiologist report). That was in the Manchester region. Incidentally, I once also looked into getting an MRI abroad and was told it would be 175 euros, though that was without a radiologist report.
But perhaps if you were going to go private, you might want to see a neurologist first, for guidance? Private appointments seem to cost around £250. They may then simply send you for an MRI. They may want brain AND spinal cord. Mine have all been without contrast. The MRI scan gets sent to a neuroradiologist for analysis and that report is then forwarded to a neurologist. You can decide at what point to re-enter the NHS system.
I do understand that you would want to get the ball rolling. Going through NHS referrals is nerve-wracking. The delays are not good for your health. It might be worth doing some research to find out who the best MS neurologists might be in Northern Ireland.
Your children may be more robust than you think. Parents are very quick to feel guilty if they don’t feel they are able to do everything right. But there is no such thing as the perfect parent: real parents have lots to deal with and their children do need support, but can also develop independence.

If you can possibly manage it, get the GP to do you a private referral to see the person you would finally get to see at the end of the NHS rainbow/waiting list (and onto whose NHS list you will then find yourself transferred at some point if necessary. It’s pretty awful most everywhere, but I’m afraid in NI it’s notoriously awful.

I’ve got the same nerve pain in my face as you. On the left hand side and the GP gave me gabapentine cause I couldn’t sleep properly. I also had pains and needles on my right arm (which is the same I had carpal tunnel six years ago) and right leg. Both things are away now.
In April I felt like my head was vibrating, which was very scary, but it went away.
So the GP has done a lot of blood tests. To see if I had any vitamin deficiencies and to see if I’m coeliac. Supposedly these things can also cause nerve problems.
My referral is in six months, so I just need wait.