New to Copaxone

Hi all, Just been taken off Avonex, after 2 years and been prescribed Copaxone… Seems there are a number of scary side effects with this drug, anyone felt these? There was me thinking ‘great, no hair loss’ then I did a little research and it seems that a side effect of Copaxone is also hair loss. Any body experienced this? Any tips to make life easier with daily injections would be gratefully received.

I’ve been on copaxone for 2 months now and I have to say its been a doddle, no scared side effects whatsoever. You should be fine. All the best xx

Oh and forgot to say, I don’t use the auto inject so my advise to you would be to inject manually as that way you get loads less sight reactions. I don’t get any site reactions at all.

hi richie

i’ve been on copaxone for 4 or 5 years. had no hair loss, in fact my hair grows faster than ever.

the only side effects i’ve had have been injection site reactions but these are easily helped by moisturing the skin.

moisturising also helps the needle to go in easier

bio oil is good for massaging the injection site the day after.

don’t worry, it’s a doddle

if you do have any problems the connections helpline is great, its manned by copaxone nurses

they will even come out to help you in person

carole x

I have been on capaxone for a year and have no hair loss :slight_smile: The injections get better you learn where and when is best for you

to do them. Oh and I was stung by a stupid wasp last week it flew into my glass’s got stuck panicked and stung my face :frowning: and I

can truthfully say the injections are not like wasp stings as I was told :slight_smile:

Good Luck oh and I agree with Carole the capaxone nurses are great x