New to Burton

Good afternoon all!

As a long time “visitor” to this forum, I thought it was about time I took the plunge and posted my own thread!

I have just moved to Burton on Trent and I’m trying to find out where consultants, MS nurses, appropriate hospitals etc are.

Grateful for any advice/guidance you wonderful peeps may have.

Apologies if this turns out a bit rubbish, but I’m new to this posting on line malarkey as well!

Keep smiling (it makes them wonder what you’re up to)


Hi Sammy,

You’re a gluten for punishment; first, you get MS now you have gone for a Burton; lol.

I suggest you contact your local branch. They will give you all the info you need,


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Thanks George; wish I knew how to do those smiley thingies.


Hi sammy, no idea where the ms nurse or the appropriate hospitals are, but I know where there’s a cracking brewery there …lol


er, best brewery!!! Something about the water!!! I believe Wrexham Lager is brewed there nowadays? Half way to Donnington Park & Download that’s all I’ve got, cept for mate ate dog food there, another story.

it should be relatively easy to find out where the hospital with neuro specialism is.

your gp could help or the ms society too.

traceydc46 - just like a foggy to know where the brewery is, festivals and mates who eat dog food!

carole x

Thanks Pete.

What makes you think I might be interested in breweries? ;o)


Thanks Tracey (you don’t mind if I call you Tracey I hope).

Don’t get me started on Monsters of Rock!


Thanks Carole.

I think it could be anywhere in the E. midland area!


MS nurse and clinic based in Stoke, don’t know if Burton feeds into that hospital? Referalls go through the GP. Hope this helps.

Thanks, I have just received a letter from the Royal Stoke University Hospital so you were right and collect the starter for 10 :o)


Hi I’m just down the road from you. Derby the Royal hospital or Nottingham Queens Medical Centre I go Nottingham

Im in Stafford, Stoke for neuro apts. but see MS nurse at Stafford. Do you drive? there are buses and trains, think it’s a 32 bus, takes a couple of hours and the train station may have a bus to the hospital (not sure) about 35 min drive, obviously depends what part of Burton!..don’t know Burton that well but there is or was a great chippy near the town hall. You may get to see an ms nurse closer to home MRIs at stafford, they’ve just had new scanners. I like Cannock hospital best it’s lovely and calm and efficient.Been to a few over the years,including 2 private (NHS using them,because they’re too busy to reach targets) I’d do some research on timings, if you don’t drive. Be prepared for a long day! Good luck.