new to all this help

Hi, just looking for support as new to all this. A little bit about me and what’s happening. For the last 3years I’ve been having episodes as I call them.,of blurred vision (only lasts for 10 to 60 mins) but have become more frequent over the last few weeks and after my eyes feel really sluggish for days,sunburn feeling in thigh which is very sensitive to touch, sharp stabbing pain in chest and when I breath in it feels as if my muscles are going into spasm and can’t breath properly, shooting and tinkering pain in both hands and feet and the latest symptom is a weak feeling in my arm which comes and goes. My symptoms have become worse since the worm weather. I’ve had bloods, xray,eye tests and apart from having low vitamin d they have all come back clear. Every time I have an episode the symptoms seem to be worse and last longer. I have now been refured for an urgent appointment with neurology (September) and have also been booked in for a scan on the 14 th July, doctors won’t tell me much if I can just wanted to know how I could ease my symptoms and what’s going to happen when I see the neurologist. Thanks for listening from one scared lady


Here is some info about dx; Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis

Thank you for the info very helpful

New symptom feels like I’ve got warm water running down my legs very strange feeling thought I had wet myself, anyone else have this?

The link posted above, Anonymous, is a really good one and extremely helpful in undertsnading both diagnosis and prognosis of MS.


Hi, I have had a sensation of warm water running down my arm on and off for the last couple of months. Ann

Ann are you dx or still in limbo like alot of us?

Ann are you dx or still in limbo like alot of us?