New symptoms??

How can you tell if you have new symptoms or an extension of what you had before. I have starting to experience heavy numb arms from the elbow down, since my CIS in April i have never been able to fully use my hands, constant tingling and i must admit it is getting me down.

I am sick every morning, pain across my collarbone,but the MS nurse and neuro have said it is fine! Diagnosis in January 2016.

No one can know how you feel better than you do.

But it can be tricky to hold confidence in what you claim to be new or different. It is tricky for me at least. For this reason, i maintain a diary of symptoms in which i describe any new sensations, including both changes for the worse but also the better.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. You should demand attention, especially if the enjoyment of your life is being compromised by elements of pain and morning sickness.

Good luck!

I replied to your other thread. By all means come on here to vent but you need to take practical action if you are not satisfied thus far. DMT’s are available for CIS. A further MRI will tell you if you have developed clinically definite MS. January is some time away, there is no harm in you asking these questions and trying to get the ball rolling now. Time is brain and all that.