New Symptoms

Hello everyone, I’ve currently got numbness on the right top side of my head & the right side of my mouth, tongue & teeth. I have read that vitamin B could help & wonder if anyone has had experience of this. I don’t want to try steroids as my husband & I are trying for children. Thanks.

Hi Leolady,

I’m afraid it sounds like you’re having a relapse. You don’t have to take steroids, if you don’t want to (I never have), but I don’t think you’ll get much of a result treating a relapse with Vitamin B.

I take Vitamin B12 routinely, just in case it might help, as many people with MS also have low B12. However, I couldn’t, in all good conscience, tell you I think it’s ever prevented or reversed a relapse.

If the symptoms aren’t bothering you too much, it’s OK just to rest and wait it out. You don’t have to have steroids (I never have). The decision whether or not to have them has not been shown to influence how well you recover - only how fast (and even that only for some people). Neither does it affect future progression or disability at all. So it really is your choice whether you have the patience to leave it, and wait for nature. You won’t be harming yourself if you do.


Hi Tina Thanks for the advice. I’ll start taking vitamin B as a matter of course. Claire