New symptoms

In the absence of being able to see GP which I am having trouble with at the moment, also waiting for lumbar puncture results and Neuro appointment - in the past month I have been experiencing symptoms which I’ve not had to this intensity before. Burning / stabbing / electric shock type pains in my arms, hands, legs and feet. Skin feels very sore to touch although nothing visible. Last week also lost my balance while standing up and if it weren’t for the furniture around me, I’d have ended up on the floor. I am taking Ibuprofen for the pain. Just wondering if anyone else experiences this?

Yes have seen Neurologist a few time; I’ve had a couple of MRI’s, an evoked potentials test, and recently a lumbar puncture. Results of which said ‘ongoing tendency to inflammation in the central nervous system’. Am waiting on follow up appointment with Neurologist.