new symptoms, feels like my body is failing me

Over the past few days my body has started feeling very hot on one side, it started with just my ear and has progressed to the entire right side being warm, i have no idea whats going on but i know its been humid lately and it was very humid tonight, 111 said it could be an allergy to the new snake my flatmate has, or the snakes bedding, but it honestly doesnt sound like an allergy, dreading that it could be covid, anybody else experience anything like that?
it feels like theres always something new to worry about and be scared of and have to deal with, im making an urgent appointment with my gp as soon as it opens and im at the point where i want to be inpatient. I have so much medical trauma an inpatient stay will be hell, but it feels like its going to be the only way i’ll be safe, i feel so hopeless and i dont know what to do anymore, i cant afford private care and every doctor i go to dont listen

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update, i think its just my heat stuff being triggered by the humidity, it was in the 90%s, and then hayfever from the aspen making me feel shitty, my flatmate has pointed out that they have hayfever too from the aspen bedding
i called the gp and ive booked a blood test for wednesday, turns out it wasnt the gps not listening, it was the neuro department not accepting referrals without recent blood tests
so now ive just gotta get through the trauma from blood tests for wednesday and i might be able to actually start getting treatment