New symptom

Hi All.

I am writing to ask is this MS?

I went to bed last night, and the whole of my body started to twitch and shake.I could not control any part of it. My head was bouncing off the pillow.I felt painfully cold.

Is this MS?

Or could it be a side effect to to my medication(rebif0

many thanks for reading this post.


Might you have an infection?

I had something similar a year or two ago. I remember going upstairs to get a jumper as I felt very cold but then needing to lie down as I didn’t feel well at all. I got the shakes and couldn’t do anything about it. It turned out to be rigors due to a very high temperature which was due to a UTI. I ended up in hospital for 3 days whilst they got it under control.

I don’t know about the rebif as I’m PPMS. Someone else may come along soon

​Hope you’re okay.

Sarah x

There is a Rebif helpline:


and try which is also Merck-Serono Rebif support.