New symptom?

Hi, I’m still waiting for my LP results, nearly 10 weeks now!! I went back to my GP a couple of weeks ago and he was gong to chase it up - but still nothing. Today I had a strange experience and wondered if it was another MS thing…I was about to swallow and couldn’t - my tongue felt like it was in the wrong place and getting in the way of me swallowing. It happened a couple of times, but thankfully not since. Has anyone else experienced this?

Christine xx

Hi Christine,

10 weeks is a long time to wait for results, i know that a LP can take a while to tested but 10 weeks seems a bit extreme. I would call the neuro’s secretary and ask what’s happening - or at least get you booked in for a follow up appointment? Never had the swallowing issue, but worth mentioning to your neuro when you get to see them. Best of luck, Laura x

Hi fennel. I’ve had the swallowing thing exactly as you describe. It was during a relapse that also made half my tongue and face numb and affected my taste buds. Hope you get your lp results soon.