Things have been good for a while but recently developed headache and occipital neuralgia which are quite common with me. Anyway went to the doctor and she said I had a tremor in my right arm and wants me to go to the neurologist. I had occasionally got a tremor when trying to pick things up etc, but though nothing of it. Does this new symptom mean relapse?

According to the Polman et al (2011) McDonald criteria paper, a relapse is "patient-reported symptoms or objectively observed signs typical of an acute inflammatory demyelinating event in the CNS... with duration of at least 24 hours, in the absence of fever or infection."


So I guess it depends how long you've had the tremor and occipital neuralgia, and whether or not there is anything else going on that might have caused them.


Can you call your MS nurse?


BTW, it may not be relevant, but I thought for ages that I had occipital neuralgia, but it turned out to be migraine. The two can be easy to confuse apparently!


Get better soon.

Karen x