New symptom, or passing problem?

Good morning all!

i hope you had a good weekend, I had a good one just had to deal with some people who think they know more about my MS than I do.

The other actual problem is that I do have neuropathic pain anyway, but I’ve got a new pain, when I bend just ever so slightly at certain times, not all the time, which suddenly pinches in the front of my hip just in the crease of the front of my leg to the side of my stomach and goes right down my leg and my leg just won’t work at all for a few mins then the pain continues until I double up my next dose of Pregabalin. I’m meant to be on 100 mg. X 3 times a day, a few days I’ve been taking oxynorm for the pain.

My worry is will this be a new symptom to stay? Or is it just a passing (painful) thing. How do I spot a new symptom when it’s to stay?

Sending my best to everyone

Polly xxx

Hi Polly, that sounds very much like nerve pain caused by MS.

The good news is that even with PPMS symptoms don’t necessarily last forever. There’s a good chance that it will go away, or at least go away for a while.

There’s no way unfortunately to know if a new symptom will pass or not.

I think you should see your GP just to check out that something else isn’t going on… ie pinched nerve or something. Also to check if another med might be better.

I know it’s awful not knowing if a symptom is here to stay or not… but in my own experience I would say most ‘sudden pain’ symptoms like what you describe, are NOT here to stay. They eventually go.

Hope this helps Polly. Sorry to hear you had a weekend with MS Experts!!! Oh there’s so many of them. Amazing how so many of the general population are specialists in MS!

Pat xx

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Hi Polly

Probably nerve pain, but best to get it checked, its easy to put everything down to ms, but better be safe.

It really is amazing these so called ms experts in all communities, and they do generally believe they know best, when in reality they know nowt, hey ho.

Lovely day here today.

Pam x

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Thank you so much Pam and Pat! My lovely ladies, what a lovely afternoon it is now!

I got through to my MS nurse and I’ve to change the timing of my Pregabalin and add in another one into my day. My hubby wasn’t going to rest until I spoke to someone about it, I would have just left it to see what happened , typical woman lol!

now I’ve got the dentist to look forward to, but the know it all’s at the weekend were enough to drive anyone of us to grievus bodily harm. I’m only just getting used to dealing with them, thank you girls.

Polly xxx

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