New opinion on PIP

Nice comment by Boris Johnson about PIP in the Guardian main section today.

Refreshing to hear somebody say what we have always believed, i.e. the main point of PIP is about saving money, nothing else.

Better the all the cr** we have been fed by IDS and Maria Miller over the past year.

I might even write to my MP again, quoting this article.

Good grief, the Bullingdon Oaf being honest, whatever next? Still, if it’s in the Guardian it must be true.

Please tell me you don’t vote for him.

I certainly didn’t whammel, though this would be difficult, living in South Wales.

Good gracious it is all about saving money of course but then is Boris taken seriously these days? and where are the b… Lib Dems these days I used to campaign for then years ago and once stood for council, (before I knew I had MS) they were the natural supporters of disabled people and we had a disabled councillor here.



I don’t think Boris has ever been taken seriously and that’s probably why suburban London voted for him. Sadly, the joke is on us.

For some unfathomable reason the Liberal Party gave up principal for power and now form a human shield, so the Tories can pursue their hateful ideological policies. I wonder how people feel who actually voted for them.

My thoughts entirely whammel.

However this is a very interesting article – ‘Johnson breaks rank to attack plan for disability benefit cut’.

I goes further to highlight other views from disability activists and bloggers.

I notice that there are going to be ‘key debates’ in the Lords over the next 2 weeks, the results of which I will watch with interest.

Don’t be fooled by Boris Johnson. He is taken very seriously by a lot of people and he plans to be PM one day. This sudden compassion for the disabled is all part of the plan. He’s a clever stratagist and doesn’t sneeze without planning it in advance. Buying into the the clown-like image is dangerous. Chances are he will win the mayoral race again and I have no doubt that he’ll be making a play for No 10 before long.

Pat x

While believe Pat’s assessment of the odious Boris is spot on, I guess you are right and anything that throws the spotlight on this vicious policy is to be welcomed. Thanks for the tip about the coming debates and I will keep an eye open.

Anyone would think the serial shagger has an election coming up.

You have a pm

I am one person who did vote for them, have always voted for them in fact. I kind of lost confidence when they back tracked on tuition fees. I can’t imagine Paddy or Charlie Kennedy behaving this way. Could be that when they get into power they all loose track of principals, honestly don’t know who I’ll vote for next time.