New Name!

Hey all,

Thought i’d make a change and have changed my user name. Was previously LeaMills…decided that a change can be as good as a rest and it is what my hubby calls me lol.

Guess with the erant brain and memory i have it kinda suits! Cant remember anything these days and find it hilarious (to the point of crying sometimes) that i just have to put a reminder on my phone to pee!!!

I have my first appt with MS nurse today, so have myself armed with about 12 questions, just hope she a good one and is helpful! Will let you know how it goes. Apart from my memory issues, is there anything i am forgetting to ask her that i may need to know but haven’t though of yet?

I have reduced myself to asking all my family to write stuff down, if they want me to do anything i have to tell them “if it aint written down it aint getting done”, is is honestly doing my head in!

I feel very confusedt his morning !!! lol

Lea xx

Like the username. Good luck with your appointment today. Barney

Eh, have I misread your post hun?

leamills…you say you used to be LeaMills and now you are leamills.? Have you just changed the upper L and M to small ones?

Got me confused now!


Lea, lf you do manage to see a MS Nurse - do ask about vitB12 injections - a high supplement of this will help your memory!

Just google Vit B12 deficiency MS