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Hello i just want to introduce myself, Its hard sometimes to be the ‘new person’ when i get the hang of this laptop ha ha, i hope to join in and contribute to the discussions.

thanks Gill

Hi Gill and welcome to our elite little board! We a friendly bunch on here and always lovely to have a new member! A real lifesaver for friendship, support, advice, having a laugh, and just such a relief to be with people who know exactly how it is!

Looking forward to seeing you on here again,

Pat x

Hi Jill and welcome, all of the above from Pat, this is the group, small but perfectly formed. Take care M

Dont tallk to me about laptops they drive me mad.

keep in touch. ps where do you live. Dennis maria.

Hi…Im not in your group but a newbie RRMS,but would like to say welcome anyway.

Take care Pip

Hello thanks for the notes of encouragement and welcome.

I am at surrendering phase of my ms, if thats the right word, I have decided that its not going away just because i ignore it, and its not easy to ignore. so i will probably go to the other extreme and study every piece of research published. I gave my GP the LDN info pack yesterday so we will see what comes of that. I live in Barnoldswick as someone asked. its near Skipton.

Welcome Gill, I know what you mean about ignoring it, I ignored it for years until I couldn’t anymore. Reading everything you can about it helps a bit, at least then any new symptom is not a unknown quantity. Take care.

Lynne xx

Just remember you have MS - MS doen’t have you!

My physio asked if I had ‘owned’ my MS yet. Didn’t understand at first, but now I do.

It’s quite a ride this MS one, even more terrifying than ‘snowboarding’.

Welcome to the party, like all good ones, it has some quiet times, some roudy times, some sad times (cry with us) and some happy times (laugh with us), never be the first to arrive and never be the last to go but enjoy and join in the bit in the middle!

Good luck, Ann

Hi Gill Welcome to the website. I hope you come to find it as useful as I have. There is so much support and advice to be found on here. The added bonus is that everyone on here really understands how you feel. When you are first dx with MS you really go through a period of grief-grieving for the lost you. The first phase of this process is denial I think. Well you seem to have got past that stage. Acceptance helps you to get on with your new, different life. It’s not one any of us planned for but there are still great things left to do with your life. It is certainly not the end. If you google ‘the stages of grief’, you may find that helps you to understand why and what you are feeling at the mo’. You’ve come to the right place, stay in touch, Teresa xx

A bit like a cat. It simply will not let you ignore it for long!

Hope your MS is curled up and asleep today… (thinking about it, the ‘vibration’ sensation in my legs is not unlike a cat purring… hey maybe I’m onto something here!)

Pat x

Hello all i posted a reply on saturday but it vanished into thin air, either teething troubles with laptop, or i have finally lost the plot ha ha. I havn’t a clue what i said but it went along the lines of :

Thanks to all for comments welcome notes etc. seems like i have found a lovely caring bunch of people. Its so nice to not have to expain why i walk like im drunk, forget what i am saying mid sentence, etc etc.

The comment about ‘you owning MS not it owning you’ seems like a good philosophy I will tell myself that everyday.

I worked as a betting shop manager for 12 years and about a year ago they ‘let me go’, to be fair they made a few adaptations for me but not to be able to commit to actually getting out of bed and going to work was the cruncher

I spent about 2 years sulking and being angry, but i think its finally sunk in thats its not going away but slowly getting more of a grip, ive decided to challenge it, energy permitting,

Im trying to get LDN on nhs, i will let you know any tips on sweet talking your GP.and im going to do the terry wahl diet.

has anyone tried either. would like to hear from you.

Gill x .

Hi Gill

I am on the Terry Wahl diet this is my 5th week. I definitely feel better for it, but I can’t see any difference in my MS symptoms yet, but early days. I’m determined to stick to it even if just for the way it makes you feel. I went out for lunch with my local MS society branch today. I ordered a plain chicken salad and no dessert. When everyone else were tucking into their chocolat indulgence and apple crumbs n custard, I just ignored it. Normally I would crumble myself, ha! but I was OK, I think it’s because I’ve made my mind up to get healthier and follow the diet. You have to look at it as a life change. Have you got Terry Wahl’s book? it’s very interesting and there’s 100 recipes in it to help you.

Lynne xx

Hi Lynne,

i intend to get the book did you get yours online, i was thinking to get some multi vitamins and minerals as well or do you think there is not a lot of point, thing is im rubbish at sticking to diets. i guess you have to think of it as a life style change rather than a diet. but i need to loose some weight as its crept on through not being active.

We could swap tips and egg each other on. i will let you know when i start.

thanks again

Gill x

Hi Gill

I take supplements as well. I take cod liver oil 1000mg daily + 1 vit D3 + Chlorella and a multi vitamin. In her book Terry Wahls says that she takes Co Q10, Flaxseed oil and creatin. I know we’re supposed to get most of our vitamins etc from food but a bit extra should help. Yes I got the book off the internet from Amazon, well my husband did, he kept asking me to read it and I kept putting it off, then I heard her on you tube and I started reading her book and I was hooked. I know there’s a lot of diets already out there that are supposed to help our symptoms but it’s good to see someone who it worked for.

Yes when you start the diet it would be good to have someone to swap tips with, when do you think you’ll start?

Lynne xx