New Member, Hello all

My name is Mary, i was diagnosed 17 years ago with relapsing remitting. Have been very lucky with little problems until the last roughly year so its great to have somewhere to see other peoples experiences and share problems.

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Hi Mary and welcome to the forum. It’s good to have other people to talk to. I’m roughly in the same position as you. I personally think that any changes are mainly to do with stress such as heat, physical stress as in wrong shoes etc, emotional stress or even getting too excited such as playing too enthusiastically with the grandchildren. My remedy is two fold. First, listen to Vaughan Williams music and second stand up straight, look up and tell my immune system to STOP! or similar stronger words. It’s MY immune system and IT will do as it tell it. Sounds silly but it works for me. I have other stress free hobbies such as gardening and ways of relaxing. Always happy to share thoughts and ideas.

Welcome Mary, you’ll find lots help and support here and many friends too. The site replies might be a little slow because it’s just been updated and we are all trying to get use to it. But wanted to welcome you and say hello. (((HUGS))) Maz