New laptop & Java question (Patb)

Blimey… makes my old one… which dropped dead last week… seem like something out of a museum. This one is like control panel in a spaceship! HP Pavilion g6 in case it means anything to anyone :roll: ANYONE know if I should allow Java update? What is it??? :?: :?: :?: Just got used to these new boards now have to get used to new laptop… but hey it’s not a complaint. Sort of stress and fun combined… :lol: Hope you all doing well, Pat xx

Hiya Pat Java is used by your web browser (internet explorer etc) to allow things to work like games, chat, forms and things like that. It’s best to keep it up to date if it asks for it as it can be a pain when you try to use a web page that uses it and you have to update it then. Hope that helps. Enjoy your new laptop. Sue

Thanks Sue. Helped a lot. Just updated it. Pat x