new job issues

Hi friends,

I finally got a job offer to work in a nursery . I have accepted it but haven’t been asked any difficult questions about disability yet. My dilemma is that they want me to fill in forms,police vetting etc next week so I think any monitoring forms will appear then . They have already stated that they want me to start on Jan 13th based on my need to give my present work 4 weeks notice.

Should I give my present job my notice now or wait until after I get past the form filling Stage? I don’t want to end up with no job.


So, you’ve had the offer of a new job - potentially starting on 13th Jan.

You’re contractually obliged to give your present employer 4 weeks notice of terminating employment (…maybe they could be a bit flexible with this?)

It certainly doesn’t come across that your new job is dependent on you completing forms to their satisfaction, so under those circumstances I’d hand my notice in right away and aim for 13th Jan ?!!.

In the meantime, if you want a job, I have a pile of ironing that I need a hand with

Best of luck,


I think it’s more than they dare do to withdraw a job offer on declaration of you MS, as that would be clear discrimination (against the law), and you’d be straight off to a tribunal.

Have you been told the offer is conditional on a satisfactory health assessment, or indeed, on anything at all, apart from the CRB check?

If there has been no mention 'til now that a certain standard of physical fitness is essential for health and safety (the only reason they could come up with that might possibly have some validity, in some jobs), I don’t see how they can suddenly insert this requirement, after you’ve already been offered the job.

It usually says if the offer is conditional on anything…

A monitoring form is usually just that - they want to collect statistics about whether they are providing “equal opportunities”. It shouldn’t be the basis for an employment decision, and certainly not to screen somebody out AFTER their application has already been successful.


Sorry Dom I haven’t ironed a thing for years . usually buy stuff that doesn’t need it -hate ironing. Yuk

Tina the only physical stuustuff mentioned was that some heavy stuff, tables,play equipment etc would need moving regularly &most of the time I could manage that. It’s all done between 3 staff so Im not too worried.

The offer letter stated that it was subject to references, vetting and OTHER CHECKS. That seems a bit vague


You really need to give your current work four weeks notice, I know you are leaving that job and so I suppose, leaving on bad terms I.e. Ifyou didn’t give four weeks notice, isn’t going to be too much of a concern, but if you are obliged to give four weeks notice I really think you need to do that. However, what can they do if you don’t gve notice, you could be off sick for the whole notice period, couldn’t you? The one thing that might help you here is that I have known people who have to give four weeks noitice and they have had holidays left to take so they have only worked two weeks notice the other two weeks have been made up of holidays iyswim. Do you have any holidays left to take? Also, I have known people who have been told just to go and not work their notice. I appreciate your worries, I guess the right thing to do is to give notice, however, realistically what would or could they do if you didn’t? Btw I have also known people who have not turned up forwork one day and have never returned? I also agree totally with everything that Tina says. Cheryl:-)

Btw I think the checks will just be references and police checks. I think references will be pretty standard for any job, I suspect that because it is a nursery the police checks and vetting might be more vigorous than for e.g. A checkout operator. However I don’t see where health would come into this tbh. I have known of people to be refused a job after a police check, not suggesting that this will happen to you. Cheryl:-)

Thanks for your replies . I could be worrying about nothing . I hate feeling like I’m hiding anything so might tell them I have ms when I fill in the forms . I’m Iin remission and feeling fit so I shouldn’t look like a liability to them. I would rather start working with a clear conscience.

Theresa x