new job as boss stuck in 1984

Since i came back from maternity 2yrs ago and a new manager my confidence has being totally eroded…after lots of ‘issues’…ie.his total ignorance of any legal or moral responsibility he has…i wrote a the point letter to him…his boss and human resources…suddenly i have a new post with a new manager and everybody cant do enough…it frustrates me that it has taken alot of standing up for yourself for actiob to happen and that my managers manager has always known that my manager hasnt a clue but has turned a blind eye to things…thankfully i have a new manager who is clued in.just wanted to know what others thought?


Well done for sticking up for yourself.

There are laws in place to help combat this type of treatment unfortunatly somebody has to stand up and use them.

It may seem a small victory to some but it will eventually have a huge impact.

I have done similar things myself and again unfortunatly it seems as though you are a bother causer ( I have been acused of that ) but it takes actions like this to make changes.

Remember smile at the crocodile.


I missed your post, but I just read it and still want to let you know that I think you did really well to stand up for yourself.

I have to say that as a fairly senior manager I had no idea (prior to becoming ill myself) what pain and weakness could do to a person. I’ve been off work since March and don’t know if/when I will return.

If I do, I will be a better, more empatheic person and no doubt a better person.

I guess it is our duty to educate these people and give them a little view of our life.

Take care x


Well done for standing your ground and getting something done (new manager) things like this can make your working life much easier. You may have helped others too. I hope work is now easier for you to stand and with a bit of help when needed make for a happier working life.