New job and health assessment

Hi Just more advice, since being diagnosed so much is happening. I accepted a job last month in a teaching position and now have formal confirmation of the job. They want me to fill out an occupational health declaration form. I have only been off work once with Optic neuritis prior to my diagnosis of MS this week…do I declare it and could they retract the offer? Thanks

When I got offered a teaching job I had to go see occupational health prior to starting, who just said that I was clearly fit for work and if I relapsed I would then go off sick if necessary. It wasn’t a big deal.

Best policy is always to tell the truth because like any insurance claim if it is omitted then there isnt a claim (not being honest), so basically they will need to make adjustments as and when they can and also you are letting them know your condition and what it is likely to mean in future, should you relapse. Its only fair the contract works both ways so you can be helped with compassion.

Well done on the job too, I hope you have many a good year there and that your ms leaves you alone to enjoy your career.

best wishes



Thanks for the advice! I was imminent and aching about just putting CIS down as only got properly diagnosed on Tuesday with a relapse…better go and fill the forms in now :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the new job.

(I completely agree with the others that you need to be straight with them on the forms.)