New inflammation on MRI

Hi, sorry in advance to bore you all with yet another story of limboland.

I was diagnosed with CIS in 2007 following an episode of sensory loss in both legs and saddle area. MRI showed lesion in C-spine and LP was positive for O-bands. Symptoms completely resolved over about 4-5 months.

In May this year I developed a re-occurance of the same sensory loss in my legs and saddle area, but much more pronounced. No functional issues. MRI head and lumbar spine at this time were reported as normal, as were all blood tests. Neuro said not MS as no evidence of dissemination of space, but she confirmed that I had had a further episode of demyelination.

New symptom of numb band around upper abdomen about 1 month later. Neuro ordered further MRI for thoracic spine at this time and checked bloods for NMO. Neuro said that MRI wouldn’t change diagnosis, but it would be useful to have to monitor progression (?). Was advised that I did not need to be seen by her for 1 year unless I had any further episodes or any problems.

During MRI, radiologist decided to change scan to full spine, and did second full spine with contrast. I was left lying on the table for AGES, making me wonder what they had seen.

Yesterday received letter from neuro stating that my scan showed some inflammation in the thoracic spine and she has asked me to come in to see her next week to discuss this.

My question is, now that she has objective evidence of a second episode (although likely 3rd episode) on MRI, could she diagnose MS? I do not think that I fulfil the dissemination in space criteria as the lesions are all in the spinal cord, but would it count if they are in different areas of the spine?

Yes, you may have a lesion on say C1 affecting your biceps; 7 days later get another lesion on L3 affecting your walking. So you are agreeing with space and time philosophy.

Here is a map of the spine; if you get a lesion in a place indicated it probably will affect the group indicated.


Hiya Katemate,


I’m in a similar position. Any update?