New here! Undiagnosed but loads of symptoms

Hi everyone. New here. Ive had a bunch of strange symptoms on and off for 3 or so years and Chronic fatigue for about 10. Hand tremors 3 years ago, vibrating spine and leg, blurred vision (although i had a scan done recently and no optic nerve damage apparently) numb hands, feet and legs, pins and needles, tingly face, wrong words coming out, dropping stuff, walking into furniture, tripping over, intense cramps in my calves and hamstring, and a few episodes where i couldnt swallow my food (scary!) In the last month ive developed hyperalgesia were i feel pain so much more than i should which feels so odd. A slight knock of a toe for example feels like someone has smashed it with a hammer! I took a notebook with my huge list (!) To the doctors and read them all out and said "please take me seriously " luckily he said he would refer me to neuro (after all my bloods came back normal) so now i wait… i guess im in limbo now. Ive almost convinced myself i have MS because it just feels deep down i have? Anyway i just wanted to join and have some support and support others. Thanks for reading :heart:jasmine.

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Hi I know its scary, and i know it sounds daft but because like me you have had these symptoms on and off over the years sometimes its a relief to know either way.
Just stay positive to whatever the outcome as positive thoughts can really help.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. Im actually very positive, and i know what you mean. It will be a relief in a weird way if and when i get a diagnosis. I was in so much pain for 4 weeks, but now it’s eased im trying to get things done without overdoing it, so when it happens again, im prepared. This site is a godsend because friends and family dont really want to talk about it in my experience (burying heads in the sand!)
Have you had similar symptoms? Have you had a diagnosis or scans yet?

Hi so I have had most of the things you have mentioned, I also get muscles jumping and spasms, during the covid i had problems with my bladder I basically wet myself and felt numb from my belly button down that lasted 6 weeks altered sensation. Tingling feet and thighs when i walk far random come on for nothing and buzzing like a mobile on my foot or arm.
I had a mri of the spine and brain they found lesions i was diagnosed in 2022.
But thats not to say thats whats wrong with you as everyone is different.
Vit b12 can also causes symptoms like what we have.

Oh that sounds awful im sorry… yes the mobile phone buzzing sensation is so weird. Every time it happens im convinced it my phone. I take b12 regularly so i know its not a deficiency. The doctor said it sounds like MS but obviously thats the neurologists job to diagnose. Hopeful my scan will be soon! Thank you again.

Yes you take care message anytime :blush:

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Thank you :blush: