New here, not diagnosed yet!

Hi All, I hope I am ok to post on here, I don’t yet have a diagnosis and my Drs are being very slow and almost reluctant to send me to a neurologist! I have a palsy appointment on 8th August as my face drops on one side on occasions, usually after exercise or if I get too hot, as soon as I stop and cool down it returns to normal albeit with a bit of numbness

A friends husband has MS and so far I seem to be “ticking the same boxes” as him with symptoms etc, I suppose my main query here is how did you get your GP to take you seriously and get your diagnosis? At the moment I feel I like they think I am a hypochondriac, one kept saying “I don’t know what it is, if you don’t feel better in a couple of weeks, come back again!” But this has been going on since Sept 18, if I look back in my history there were tell tale signs from 4 years ago, my body temporarily stopped working, only on one side, but it wasn’t a stroke, just put down to stress!!!

I am a qualified personal trainer and have had to stop working as after training one client I am exhausted and need to have a lie down! Last week I had to help a friend who’s ADHD/ASD son was “kicking off” and I had to restrain him for about 3/4 minutes, as soon as I let go I literally collapsed on the floor and was trembling for about half an hour after!

Sorry for the long post, I have been going to write it for a while but feel like a fraud as I haven’t got a diagnosis yet, any help in how I can get one quickly? At the rate my GP is going I won’t get one this side of Christmas for sure.

Hope this all makes sense, thank you for reading. Kind Regards S

hi Sammimummi

next time that your GP says s/he doesn’t know what is causing your symptoms, ask him/her to please refer you to neurology.

i was blessed to have a fantastic GP who had an interest in neurology.

the other route is to see a neuro privately.

good luck

carole x

Hi Carole,

thank you.

I have asked for a neurologist referral but they have said at the moment that I have to go to Palsy first then the will ‘think about’ neuro if they can’t think of anything else! I looked at the cost of a private one and have been quoted £150-£300! I know we shouldn’t put a price on our health but with two children starting new schools this year the cost of u informs have made it difficult.

Thank you for your good luck wishes xx