New forum, how are you using it?

Hi Sue,

I think what has just happened sums up my point of view!

I have been trying to use the site but still find it very confusing. I just tried to do this reply to you. My password was not accepted! I know it was right so no idea why this happened.

Sadly I see no sign of Bouds back on here. A great loss to all of us. And Ellie, others I cannot remember. A lifeline cut off for them.

I have decided to take a break from this site. I will read things from time to time but sadly replying is too much.

I would like to thank you, Maz, Whammel, Nora’smum and all who have given me laughter, kindness and help over the years.

If Maz reads this could you PM me please, it is about Bouds.

Take care all. See you somewhere further down the line perhaps.

Keep as well as you can.

Anne x

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Hello Anne

Yes, the site does take some getting used to. The more I use it, the better I get. I’m still missing the old site. This one doesn’t seem to lend itself quite so well to our old friendships.

And of course we are missing quite a few faces (virtual faces!)

I’ve been in touch with Ellie. She suffered from the side effects of her Covid jab. You may know that her eyesight is terrible anyway, but the Pfizer jab took away the sight in her ‘good’ eye. It was gradually coming back, but it may have deteriorated again if she’s had the second jab. (That was my experience of Pfizer - not my eyes, but my bowels were dreadful and worse after the second vaccination.) Ellie and I text sporadically. So I know I’ll get to hear how she’s doing by and by.

Others have been missed too. Obviously Bouds/Poll/Boudica (I’ve never got the hang of calling her ‘Bouds’ - after years of her being ‘Poll’, it’s hard to change - another Eg of how resistant I am to change!) It’s stunning how we forget those others who we were used to ‘seeing’ all the time.

I do hope just reading the new site eventually leads you to want to make a contribution yourself. But I understand if not. I’m glad so many of us have helped and entertained you. Hopefully that will continue, even if you can’t post yourself.

Keep well Anne, sometimes taking a break from reading and writing on here is all that’s needed to let your eyes and brain take a breather.

Sue xx

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Thanks Mick I found it. Interesting history for me