New find in MS Research Quite interesting to see that they are continuing to find out a bit more about MS…

can anyone tell me if I will have to have a f2f assessment with pip because I have read that ms and people with progressive condition won’t need a f2f assessment but mps office I will have to have one, also pip the lady on the phone said I will need one, I only get the high rate care I am really stressed out about this its making me ill. its now been 4 weeks since my form has been received I’m still waiting does anyone know what the process for reviews?

Hi Sandy, you’ve added your question onto an old post about MS research. If you’d like to start a new topic, people will see it and reply.

There are also a lot of threads on here about the PIP process and face to face assessments which I hope you find useful.

I hope you don’t have to wait too much longer.

Val. [Moderator]