New Drug 4 me

Good evening to all

Hope you are all well, well as well you can be (how many times can you get the word well in a sentence?)

I went to see my neuro last week and he prescribed me a new drug Rotigotine it is supposed to relieve some of my leg spacity,

has else tried this, it comes in patch form.

Well take care, love to all


Hell Mark

No idea about the drug, but here’s a valid sentence with the word ‘had’ in it 11 times in a row.

Smith, where Jones had had ‘had’, had had ‘had had’; ‘had had’ had had the higher marks.

That is all.

Hi Mark, never heard of it… but best of luck. Hope it helps!

well well well well had had had had… Good God you guys are driving me nuts…

Pat x

Well well I thought I had had enough of that… but got me thinking…

Must be very hard to explain to someone learning English how we can use ‘had had’ in a sentence… really I don’t really know myself.

And if you say it aloud… as in… “Jean had had enough to eat”… it seems the 2nd ‘had’ is a nano second longer than the 1st ‘had’.

AND we also do it with ‘that that’… as in … "I think that that was very silly’.

Told you you were driving me nuts…

Pat x

Well skel, congratulations, can’t compete with that.

Well done Pat with your sentence, i have had a dig around on the web and found the drug, it is used to treat Parkinsons.

RLS ‘Restless Leg Syndrome’

Ah well something else to think about, when it goes wrong it really does go wrong, but still here and still to laugh.

It is the wife i feel for, she has to put up with my mood swings.

Well going to have a coffee now, speak soon

Love to all