New diagnosis

Good afternoon - I have very recently been diagnosed with active relapsing remitting MS, having noticed pins and needles in my hands and feet, and occasional numbness and inability to use my right hand and heavy tiredness (for approx 6 months, looking back I have had similar sensory attacks over the last 5yrs that have been much shorter). I subsequently went to my GP and I was referred to a Neurologist who has done an MRI and lumbar puncture. The MRI showed up 35 lesions in multiple areas (brain and spine), including some large pronounced ones. The lumbar puncture confirmed the expected MS with a number of Oligoclonal bands present in the spinal fluid. I have been given a 50% chance of being able to walk unaided in 10yrs.

The neurologist has recommended taking a course of Lemtrada to try and control and possibly reverse some of the damage done. For context I am in my early 30s, relatively physically fit and have a young daughter (1).

Has anyone in a similar situation taken this treatment or others (or done nothing)? I want to gather opinions as this a fairly major treatment and don’t want to go into it blindly. Any thoughts or advice appreciated.

Many thanks for reading this far!