New diagnosis

Hi…just looking for advice from anyone about Lemtrada. Recent diagnosis and plaques cervical and thoracic spine and brain affected…worried about risks and google indicates deaths!!! anyone been on this or knows about this . Which is best biologic??

Hi Kezzyboy​

I had Lemtrada in 2018 and 2019 after I failed on Rebif, Tysabri and Fingolimod. I havent had a replapse since my first course.

The side effects can be quite scary, and I have just developed a Hyper Thyroid which is quite common after Lemtrada, but all of the side effects, in my mind, were alot better than my relapses. Also you are monitored very quickly so anything that does happen, like Thyroid is picked up and treated quickly.

I am no expert on stastics and things like that, I know there were some safety concerns in 2018 when they stopped offering it in the UK to new patients, but let people who had already had round 1 have round 2. But I believe they have been lifted now.

Thanks for the reply. I have not had significant or serious relapses but unfortunately my last MRI last week has shown three active areas cervical and thoracic spine