new criteria

not sure if this was previously posted, not sure i can work out the differences ?

My neurologist alluded to this when I spoke to her via phone in December when she took me off Rebif as my wbc was too low. I thought she initially meant that CIS was being reclassified making me eligible for more DMTs. When I got her letter and she mentioned that we’ll discuss the update criteria I found that my CIS might be replaced with MS. I’ve 2-3 possible brain lesions plus positive LP. I’m getting my head round it by saying that I’ve not changed but the criteria has and I’ll hopefully be eligible for more effective DMTs

I think the difference is using positive lumbur puncture to fullfill criteria instead of waiting on a further relapse after cis diagnosis. I too will be interested to see if it will Change diagnosis and open up treatment options as I have never been offered dmt.

Thanks for your reply’s lets hope it helps people previously in limbo get medication that may help